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Intersail – Cruises and cycling holidays

Intersail cruises and cycling holidays has been organizing boat trips for the past 27 years. Ymkje Rypkema founded Intersail in 1986. Her husband Toon Sevens is the captain and he has been sailing on hotel ships since 1981. You can rely on many years experience throughout your trip. And more important, you feel home at the ship.

While you are sailing on the fascinating canals of Amsterdam or Lake IJssel – eat and sleep on board our Hotel Boat and discover the Netherlands in a relaxing fashion. Take nightly strolls in our beautiful cities and towns. There are several points of interests: the Anne Frank Museum, the Rembrandt Museum, the Keukenhof (from March to May), the Zaanse Schans Outdoor Museum, to name a few. Or perhaps a visit to the Frisian Islands or the river Rhine, Ijssel or Maas interests you?

Feel at home, max. 30 Persons, not a big cruiseship, not a too small canal boat, just cosy and relax, sailing with us.

Christina at Uithoorn

Christina at Uithoorn

Consider one of our bike tours?

If you would like to add some adventure to your vacation perhaps consider one of our bike tours?
Simply choose Cycling & Sailing!  Belgium tour: from Amsterdam to Bruges and from Bruges across Antwerp to Amsterdam back

Link: hostel B&B in Amsterdam Botel
Link: Cruises and cycling holidays 2016, to Belgium!

All groups, families or clubs are welcome. You will really get the feeling you are on vacation while on one of our ships. The water, wind, cozy hold and cabins, and pleasant salon offer incredible hospitality and merriment! Come unwind and relax with Intersail! Also B & B see Botel.

The Netherlands & The Dutch Culture

Several hotel ships to choose from!

Since we have several hotel ships to choose from we are confident we can provide the appropriate ship for your particular group. Also be sure to spend some time visiting our Guest Book and Photos to see what awaits you!

Please call or e-mail us, and we will work diligently to create a spectacular vacation; offering competitive rates specific to your needs. You can book here: email

In addition, you can sail with confidence knowing we are a member of the BBZ, a professional organization with a website

We look forward to hearing from you!
Enjoy your trip!


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